06/25/2024 5:30 PM

Meriden City Hall

Meriden, CT


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119,000 reasons to start a movement.

Speaking up and standing up to address Connecticut’s unspoken crisis and get young people back on track.


The CCM 119K Commission on At-Risk and Disconnected Youth is a state-wide coalition of leaders on a mission to reconnect 60,000 young people to viable education and career pathways. Together, we galvanize collective action to address systemic problems and deploy solutions to help young people realize their full potential. 

What we’re facing


increasing visibility
improving coordination
expanding capacity
funding effective programs
increasing visibility

Expanding awareness of the current state of at-risk and disconnected young people in Connecticut

  1. Building on existing school district data systems and practices to identify and support at-risk students and enable more timely, better monitoring. 
  2. Publishing annual reports that spotlight challenges and opportunities and continuously draw attention to keep the crisis top of mind.
improving coordination

Forging and strengthening connections amongst stakeholders across the state

  1. Establishing cross-sector coalitions and partnerships to integrate efforts, spur information sharing, and increase accountability
  2. Designating an entity in every municipality or region to take ownership and responsibility for identifying affected youth and connecting them to critical services and support
expanding capacity

Increasing capabilities of high-performing organizations that serve at-risk and disconnected young people

  1. Significantly expanding the capacity of high-performing organizations through upfront training, mentoring, and programmatic improvements aligned with evidence-based practices.
funding effective programs

Investing in scalable, evidence-based supports and services

  1. Expanding supports and services to target the most salient issues in the most impacted communities through sustained funding and rigorous measurement.
  2. Investing in high-touch case management, a proven, effective tool in identifying, preventing, and supporting those impacted or at risk. 
  3. Tackling chronic absenteeism, a key risk factor occurring at unprecedented levels, by implementing effective tracking methods, initiatives that diagnose and address root causes, and attendance review boards.
  4. Strengthening pathways from disconnection to stable, gainful employment through workforce training, employer partnerships, mentoring, and other career development support. 

The CCM 119K Commission on At-Risk and Disconnected Youth is working together to identify and resolve the systemic cracks driving youth disconnection and develop a robust, long-term strategy that delivers on our promise to get young people back on track. 

The Goal

The CCM 119K Commission on At-Risk and Disconnected Youth expects to reconnect 60,000 young people to viable education and career pathways. Our fellow citizens, now re-engaged, contribute to society, sparking a virtuous cycle with compounding benefits that ripple through our state’s economy, social fabric, and collective opportunity. 

color-coded map of Connecticut
by the numbers

Widespread Disconnection

The crisis threatens every town and city across the state, whether urban, suburban, or rural.

% disconnected by town, age 14–26

< = 10
> 10–20
> 20–30
> 30–40
> 40
Report cover: sketches of teenaged faces superimposed over a map of Connecticut
the report

Getting young people back on track

Download our comprehensive study for a deep dive into Connecticut’s at-risk and disconnected young people. Tap into meaningful insights, strategies, and research findings for a deeper understanding of the challenge at hand—and how to drive change.


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